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The Best Rat Hammocks

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Rats like to stay busy and they like to sleep. Fortunately, there is one way to satisfy both of these habits: a rat hammock! It gives them a place to hang out and something new to look at - and play with. Find out why you should get one and which is the best rat hammock for your favorite pet!

Why should you own one?

It might seem a little silly. People love hammocks, but what use can a rat have for one? Surprisingly, rats love hammocks. And there are quite a few reasons why.

1. Gives them a place to climb

Rats like a climbing challenge. And rat hammocks provide them with one. You can set up your hammock so it takes a little work for your rat to climb into it. And once he’s in it, the swinging motion can make movement more difficult. Your rat may enjoy the challenge of climbing in and out of the hammock. It’s a form of enrichment and can keep him busy while you’re away.

2. Provides a place to sleep

Rats like to sleep in high, closed-in spaces. Sometimes, rat owners provide them with a nest box in the top corner of the cage. But a rat hammock offers the same service. Your rat can sleep soundly in a hanging hammock. And it’s much easier to clean than a nest box. You can just remove the hammock (usually with clips) and wash it. Then, replace it to give your rat a clean place to sleep.

3. Saves space

Instead of having toys and shelters throughout the floor of your rat’s cage, you can save space with a hammock. Because you hang it from the top of the cage, it takes up no space. Your rat can run and play on the floor without having a large obstacle blocking his path.

What You Should Know About Rat Hammocks

There are several different types of hammocks, and choosing the best rat hammock for your pet can take some time. There are differences in both the style and fabric of the hammocks.

Types of Fabric

Your rat might prefer plushy fleece or thin nylon. Rat hammocks are made of several types of materials. Be sure to find one that’s made of his preferred choice.


Some hammocks resemble real, human hammocks very closely. You can attach the two corners of it to the corner if the cage so the center has a little stability. But you may want a hammock that has more sway to it. You can suspend some hammocks from the top of your cage, allowing for more movement. But which is better for your pet? It’s hard to say. You need to know what your rat likes. If he’s more into cuddling up in a corner, the first option is best. However, a rat who likes to climb and has an adventurous side would prefer one that moves more.

Keep in mind, you’re not limited to hammocks that use either of these two suspension systems. There are other hammocks that hang using other methods. Each one allows for a different type of movement.


Rat hammocks also come in a variety of shapes. Some are circular, while others are square. You can find ones shaped like houses and others shaped like tunnels. There are even some that look just like a hammock. The shape does matter because your rat may prefer sleeping in one shape over another. Consider the size of your rat and how he likes to sleep. If you find him sleeping in a ball, a circular hammock might be suitable. But a rat who stretches out his full length might prefer one with a long, rectangular shape.

The Best Rat Hammock

It’s impossible to select only one hammock. Because what one rat loves, another may hate. That said, there are some that are better than others. These hammocks made the list of best hammocks currently available.

WINOMO Small Pet Hammock

This hammock is brown and looks like a piece of furniture you might want in your home. A small circular entrance leads to an open cylinder. Made of a plush material, this hammock provides a very soft sleeping surface for your small animals. It looks like a nice place to curl up for a nap, so it’s not surprising that many rats love sleeping in it. The name “snuggle hut” is quite fitting.

Our Average Review:

4.3 Out Of 5 Stars

The WINOMO Small Pet Hammock has four metal strings that are fastened to the hammock. At the top of the strings are four clips, which you can clip onto the top of the cage. It swings and sways, giving your rat a way to entertain himself. One of the features that makes this one of the best rat hammocks is that it can function as both a place for sleep and a place for play.

This hammock is spacious enough for rats. That’s because the company that makes it made it for chinchillas, guinea pigs, and other small animals. It’s large enough to fit a chinchilla, so it’s large enough for your rat. The approximate dimensions are 8 x8 x4.7 inch. You don’t have to worry about your rat being cramped.

Trixie Hammock For Rats

The Trixie Hammock is unique in that it offers not one, but two places for your rat sleep. There is an interior chamber with a floor and a roof. It’s open on both sides, like a tunnel. But above the chamber is a flat area that also serves as a hangout spot. Your rat might prefer one area to the other, use both, or share it with another rat. The options make it more likely that your rat will enjoy the hammock.

As far as comfort goes, the Trixie Hammock doesn’t disappoint. The bottom chamber is made of a material that resembles lamb fur. It’s soft and cuddly, which makes for an inviting nesting area for rats. The tunnel-like space also makes it a secluded spot that some rats may prefer. The top area doesn’t look quite as comfortable as the bottom, but is made with a nylon. Depending on the preferences of your rat, the top may make for a better resting place.

Our Average Review:

3.0 Out Of 5 Stars

Like the Winomo hammock, this one uses stings to keep it in place. You can attach each of the six strings to the top of your rat’s cage. It stays suspended in the air. With an extra two strings for support, the Trixie Hammock moves around a little less than the Winomo. Once again, whether your rat prefers this one depends on his preferences.

It is important to note that this hammock is a bad option for rats who have a tendency to chew through strings. The straps that hold the hammock up are made of a fabric. And that fabric can break if your rat decides to chew on it. However, the other features of this hammock are useful enough to make this a top choice. Just avoid it if you have a rat who loves chewing on strings.

Crinkle Hang-N-Tunnel Sleeper for rats

This hanging hammock is very different from the others on this list. Although your rat could use it as a place to sleep, it’s more for enrichment than rest. That’s due to the design. This long tunnel has crinkly nylon on the interior. As your rat crawls through it, he makes noise. This is both entertaining and exciting for most pet rats, but is also the reason it may not be ideal for sleeping.

Our Average Review:

4.1 Out Of 5 Stars

The tunnel is long enough for a rat to crawl through. It measures 15.5x6x 6. And attachment to your cage is simple. There are two nylon strings that you can attach to the top of your rat’s cage. Unlike the Trixie Hammock, there is no second story. While you may see this as a negative, it means that your rat can’t chew on the strings and break them.

This hammock has an interesting appearance. Fur is on the outside of the tunnel, but not the interior. And you can’t custom-order a color, so you can’t be sure what you will get. What you can be sure of, however, is that your rat will get a fun place to play and a way to drive away boredom.

rat hammock

There’s one thing you should know about this hammock: it’s huge. It’s a hammock that can support a cat or small dog, so it’s big enough to fit many rats. If you own several rats and are looking for one hammock they can all share, look no further.

This hammock comes with four nylon strings that attach to all four corners of the hammock. It also comes with clips that you attach to the strings. You then attach them to the corner of your rat’s cage. Figuring out how to hang this hammock is slightly more difficult than other hammocks. But once you figure it out, it’s very sturdy. The nylon string is doubled on all four sides, making it difficult for a rat to damage.

Our Average Review:

4.3 Out Of 5 Stars

This hammock features a faux fur lining so your critter will be extra comfortable while napping, making this hammock ideal for sleeping. It’s appropriate for both the winter and summer months. In any season, it gives your rat a comfortable place to rest. It doesn’t move around much or have any features that make it a good enrichment tool. But for sleep, the Kaytee Simple Sleeper Cozy Hammock is an excellent choice.

This hammock comes with four durable straps and can be positioned safely, easily attached to your pet's wire home - or choose whatever you think your rat would like best. While it’s not a super fancy addition to your rat’s cage, it’s simple and functional.

This is another simple sleeping hammock. Made for chinchillas, ferrets, or rats, it’s spacious enough for your pet rat to sleep well. The exact measurements are 14.5 inches long by 14.5 inches wide. Equipped with four nylon straps, you can hang it from the top of your rat’s cage.

Our Average Review:

3.3 Out Of 5 Stars

Kaytee Simple Sleeper Hammock

The inner material of the fabric is made of polyester. This hammock doesn’t give your rat an enclosed space to sleep in. Rather, it works more like an actual hammock. The strings keep it suspended in the air and have a little give to them, so there is slight movement.

One of the benefits of this hammock is the durability. It might not be made of fleece or faux lamb fur, but it will withstand most rats. As simple as it is, it gets the job done. One thing to note is that you can’t choose the color of it. So, you need to accept what you get. But then, the color doesn’t matter if your rat is sleeping soundly.

Kaytee Ferret Super Sleeper

For a different take on the best rat hammock, you should check out the Sleep-E-Tent. This hammock has more than just a catchy name. It’s shaped like a triangular tent, and offers your rat an enclosed place to sleep.

This hammock has a square base. Attached to the base are four triangular pieces of material, each with a string and clip attached to the top. When you hang the strings from the top of your rat’s cage, a tent structure forms. You can zip the triangles together to make a contained shelter. There’s a hole in one of the triangles, giving your rat access to the shelter.

Our Average Review:

4.0 Out Of 5 Stars

But you can also get creative. If you unzip the shelter and hang one of the strings further away from the others, you can make a shelter with one side open. It’s easy to move the clips, so you can change the set-up frequently. This can give your rat a little more excitement in his life.

The Sleep-E-Tent is a comfortable place for a rat to rest. Measuring 11x11x14 inches, it’s large enough for several rats. The interior of the tent is made of fleece. If your rat is looking for a comfortable shelter at night, this rat hammock can fit the bill.

Which ever choice you make for the best rat hammock, you'll know after a little review and consideration that which ever one you pick, your rat will sleep, relax and play with a better disposition. If you're interested in reading more guides on how to care for your rat, we've compiled a nice collection here.

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