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Critter Nation Rat Cage Review

Critter Nation Rat Cage Review

One thing that many rat owners struggle with is knowing that their rat is living in captivity. As a rat owner, it can be difficult to deal with the idea that your pet may not be getting the best possible quality of life, simply because of the environment they’re living in. 

midwest ferret nation cage review
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But this concern, although a valid one at first glance, can easily be mitigated by giving your rat the best possible living conditions. Pet rats can lead happy, healthy lives (and far outlive their undomesticated counterparts) when they are given the proper care and attention from their owners. 

Of course, the first step is to make sure that your rat is well-fed and properly socialized. But, you also must give your rat a mentally stimulating environment, where they can be both comfortable and active.

The key to this is finding the appropriate cage for your rat.

Although there are many different brands and styles of rat cages, here we will review one of Critter Nation’s cages, so that you can be well-informed as you start the search for the perfect cage.

Midwest Critter Nation with Stand

This rat cage measures 62.5 inches tall, 25 inches wide, and 36 inches long, with four levels for your rat or rats to explore. The cage costs just under $250, with free shipping.

Rat-friendly environment

This rat cage is designed with four “levels” for your rat to inhabit — two full levels and two partial levels. The levels are connected by ramps, each of which are covered so that your rat won’t slip or hurt their feet while running up and down.

The sides of the cage contain horizontal bars set ½ inch apart from one another, so that your rat can climb the sides of the cage if desired. This allows your rat even more space to adventure around the cage, without you needing to worry about your pet’s safety and security.  

The levels are also adjustable to some extent, allowing you the opportunity to modify the cage for your rat’s personality or preferences.

For further customization, this cage is designed to easily accommodate additional features — such as hammocks or add-on play spaces. Critter Nation sells these features separately, and they can be easily incorporated into this cage so that your rat’s habitat needs are fully met.


This cage features wide double doors, giving you easy access to the cage. With doors this wide, you can reach in and scoop out your rat, making it easier for you to socialize your pet and build a good rapport.

You can also easily access even the furthest corners of the cage, which allows you to easily clean and maintain your rat’s home. Each level has a removable plastic tray, so that you can easily clean the entire cage and give your rat the cleanest possible environment.

Although the doors are wide, they feature double locks, so that you never have to worry about pet escaping the cage while you’re away.

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What other purchasers are saying

People who have purchased the cage give mostly positive reviews, although there were some negative reviews and negative aspects to the cage.

The positives

Most purchasers particularly liked the wide doors, which made for easy access and even easier cleaning, especially when you’re trying to remove the pans from the cage.

People also appreciated the sheer size of the cage, which gives plenty of room for rats to run around, even if you have multiple rats. The adjustability of the cage shelves allows for customization, and people liked that they could add hammocks and additional ledges for their pets to utilize.

All in all, purchasers found that their cage also lasted for quite a long time, which is important when you’re purchasing such a large (and expensive) cage. It is also important so that your rats don’t feel stressed from moving from one cage to the next.

The negatives

Among even the positive reviews, purchasers consistently noted that the cage — though it lasts for a while — is poorly manufactured and difficult to assemble.

One reviewer commented that even once assembled, the cage had gaps or sags in certain areas. These defects were mostly cosmetic and did not allow for the rats to escape, but they indicate a poor design or manufacturing process.

In some cases, people reported that they couldn’t even get the cage fully assembled because it was damaged in shipping or poorly manufactured to begin with.


  • Large, multi-level cage gives rats       plenty of room to run
  • Double doors allow for easy               access and cleaning
  • Cage shelves are adjustable
  • Cage is designed to easily                   accommodate added features         such as hammocks
midwest ferret nation cage review


  • Cage is difficult to assemble
  • The pieces of the cage may not fit together exactly as described
  • On the pricier end, at about $250 per cage (with free shipping)


Overall, this cage can provide your pet rat with an excellent place to run, play, and explore. The shelves of the cage are easily adjustable and suitable for add-on features, so that you can customize the cage to your rat’s preferences.

The horizontal bars provide an added area for your rat to climb, and the covered ramps make the cage safe for your pet to run around.

The double doors allow you to easily access all parts of the cage, making cleaning a breeze. Despite the door width, the cage features double latches, so that you don’t have to worry about your pet escaping.

However, some people noted that the cage was very difficult to assemble, and at times arrived damaged from shipping. Even when fully assembled, the cage may have gaps in places where the pieces don’t fully fit together, although these gaps rarely seemed to pose any danger or risk of escape.

The cage will cost you about $250, but if you’re looking for space for your rat to explore, then this cage may be the best choice for you.

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