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15 Of The Most Incredible Rats On YouTube

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If you’re anything like us then you can’t get enough of Rats, you spend your Rat ‘handling’ free time researching how to keep better care of them, socializing with other Rat owners and of course inevitably you end up checking out videos of them on YouTube.

We’ve managed to watch a lot of videos, and wanted to share with you our top 15.

15 Most Incredible Videos Of Rats:

1. 15 Incredible Rat Tricks:

We really like #8 ‘diving for peas’.

2. 15 Baby Rats (5 Weeks):

In this video you’ll see 15 baby rats go from birth to 5 weeks old and it’s so adorable!

3. Rats Are Awesome (Compilation):

In this video there’s several awesome things that you’ve just got to see, like Rats cuddling a Cat, it really is awesome.

4. Giant Rats Can Detect Tuberculosis:

They may not be your every day fancy Rat, but these Rats deserve to be on this list and watched by all Rat lovers alike.

5. Epic Rat Tricks:

More epic tricks such as shopping and playing connect four – say no more right?

6. Giant Russian Rat Attacks Cats:

This Rat is 100% brave and 1000% stupid, but if one thing is for sure nobody messes with ‘Ratimir Putin.’

7. 6 Giant/Biggest Rats Ever Found Near People:

Even though this video may well have been made by someone who isn’t that fond of them, it’s incredible to watch and you’ve got to see the size of them!

8. New York City Rat Taking Pizza Home On The Subway:

You can’t deny that Master Splinter is dedicated to bringing home the Ninja Turtles their favorite food.

9. Mikey Very Affectionate Rat:

Mikey loves getting stroked and he loves the attention.

10. Rat Staring Contest:

These two are clearly in some heated battle of ‘who will crack first’. It’s hilarious to watch.

11. Toilet Trained Pouch Rat:

If you ever doubted the intelligence of Rats then just take a look at this Rat doing what most Human children fail to do properly!

12. Loving Pet Rat:

For another dose of ‘OMG CUTE’.

13. Pet Rats vs Hard Boiled Egg:

Rats love to play and they love to eat, so what’s better than adding a hard boiled egg to the equation?

14. The Laid Back Rat:

Ah the good life eh, ‘C’est la vie’.

15. Balloon Poppers:

Who would have thought that Rats like playing with balloons? I never…


These Rats are all pretty incredible, but really as you know, all Rats are incredible and they all have their even more incredible moments! We just hope to catch ours on camera next time they do something crazy or cute or crazy cute!

Got any videos you think we should have added to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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