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The Six Best Rat Toys 2019

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Rats also enjoy tunnels. Some rats love running through them, while others prefer to stay hidden inside them. To account for this, some tunnels are made for sleeping and others for play. Ones for sleep might have fleece interiors, but ones for play might make funny sounds. In either case, a tunnel can provide a great deal of entertainment for your pet.

If you were stuck in a cage all day, you would want some ways to entertain yourself. And rats are no different. Rats constantly seek entertainment, and it’s up to you to provide them with it. While there are many different ways you can do that, rat toys are one of the best ways to keep them busy. Here’s a look at some of the best rat toys for your pet.

Our Top Rat Toys Comparison Table 2019

What Type of Activities do Rats Like?

Rat toys come in multiple forms. Before you take a look at some of the top rat toys, you should understand what rats like to do. W've reviewed toys that are targeted to the various activities that your pet enjoys. 

Every rat owner has probably seen their rat digging at some point. Rats love to dig, but they sometimes want a little motivation to do it. Some toys can be buried in your rat’s cage. When your pet digs them up, he gets rewards that make it worth the effort.

Climbing is another favorite activity of many rats. And there are several different types of toys that can satisfy their desire to climb. You can install a ramp for your rat to climb up and down, a hammock that your rat can climb into, or even small stairs for your rat to ascend. All of these toys keep your rat on the move and keep him entertained.

It should be no surprise to you that rats enjoy eating. And while eating all day is bad for rats, there are ways to turn eating into a fun and healthy activity. There are toys that allow you to hide food inside, making your rat work to get their favorite snacks. Not only is this time consuming, but it makes your rat think. Rats are smart creatures, and it’s important to let them exercise their brain. Enrichment activities with rat toys can keep their brains as active as their bodies.

Finally, one of the most popular rat activities is chewing. They love to chew and gnaw on things. In fact, they love to do it so much that they may have caused a lot of damage. Habitats might be chewed to destruction and toys may only last a few weeks. To prevent this, you can find toys made specifically for chewing. These toys are more durable and can withstand a rat’s powerful jaws and sharp teeth. And, they’re a fun way for them to pass the time.

Finding the Best Rated Rat Toys

Now that you know the types of activities rats enjoy, you can decide which rat toys are good for your pet. For rats who enjoy chewing, you should consider chew toys. Rats who love motion might enjoy a hammock. Getting a toy your rat will like is important. But it’s also important to let your rat try new things. Don’t be afraid to buy him a climbing toy if you’ve never seen him climb. One of the benefits of rat toys is to give your pet a chance to try something new. You never know what toy he might love.

Our Top 6 Rat Toy Reviews

1. Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E Fun-Nels

FerreTrail Flex-E Fun-nels by Kaytee

These long tubes provide your rat with a chance to explore a tunnel system. But unlike many other tunnels, this isn’t one straight route. The Flex-E Fun-nels are flexible. You can bend and twist them however you want. And the tunnels don’t only twist and bend. They also shorten or lengthen. When stretched out, one tunnel stretches to eight feet. But you can add to that measurement by connecting tunnels together.

This product is part of the FerreTrail Series. You can connect it to any other product in the series using a FerreTrail connector ring. So, with a few more products, you can create a whole playground for your ferret. You can constantly change things up and let your rat explore new territory every day.

Our Average Review:

3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

The only downside to this product is that rats can chew on it and make holes. The tunnel is made of a thin material that rats can chew through. If you have a rat who loves gnawing on everything, this isn’t a good option. But, if your rat doesn’t eat everything in his sight, it’s a fun option. The versatility of it makes it this rat toy one of the best rated.

Crinkle Tunnel by Kaytee

Tunnels are great toys for rats, but this tunnel goes above and beyond. In addition to providing a nice hideaway for your furry critters, it also makes playtime fun. Inside the tunnel is a crinkle paper. As your rat crawls through it, the tunnel makes loud noises. Most rats love the reaction, and will run through the tunnels listening for the crinkles.

This tunnel has a diameter of 6 inches and is 23 inches long. It’s small enough to fit in your cage, but large enough to give your rat space to run. And the diameter is small enough to give your rat a cozy environment. The toy is machine washable; cleaning is simple and quick.

Our Average Review:

4.0 Out Of 5 Stars

One of the great features of this tunnel is its ability to connect to other tunnels. If you buy multiple tunnels, you can build a new world for your rat to explore. To encourage exploration, you can hide food at one end of the tunnel. Exploring and exercising are two key activities for rats, so this rat toy gets high marks.

Teach N Treat Toy by Living World

Rats are intelligent creatures, but people don’t often give them a chance to show off their smarts. The Living World Teach 'N Treat is one toy that puts their mental abilities to the test. This toy isn’t about letting a rat chew or crawl through tunnels. It’s about teaching your pet and giving his brain a chance to work.

This toy works well for a variety of small animals. And it’s simple to set up. First, you place treats in the holes. Then, you cover up some of the holes with the blue pegs. They slide right into place. When you give it to your rat, he must figure out how to slide the pegs if he wants a treat.

If your rat can’t figure it out immediately, all isn’t loss. After all, this is a learning tool. You can show your rat how to get the treats. And this is a great way to promote bonding between you and your pet. There aren’t many enrichment activities that you can do together. This toy is unique in that it brings you and your rat closer.

Our Average Review:

4.5 Out Of 5 Stars

As your rat becomes more adept at getting the treats, you can change things up. There are three ways to set up the Treat Toy. Changing the configuration makes your rat work harder, and makes him think more. And, you can always test his memory by going back to the original configuration. This is one of the best rat toys because it tests your rat’s mind power, and forges a stronger connection between you and him.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to leave your rat alone with this toy. This should only be used under your supervision. If you leave it in his cage, he could end up biting and destroying it. The Teach N Treat toy is made out of plastic; it’s not intended to be a chew toy.

Wood Unicycle Dumbell Bell Roller

This toy might fall under the chew toy category, but it’s much more than that. The shape of the Uniycle Dumbell Bell Roller Chew Toy is a combination of everything in its title. It looks a bit like a dumbbell, with spokes on the side. Inside the toy is a bell that jingles every time your pet moves it.

And your rat can move this toy with ease. At 6.9x4.9 cm, it’s small enough for rats to handle. But it’s also big enough to make them work for it. The toy is meant for small animals of various sizes, but works particularly well for rats. You can also buy the same toy in the smaller size. The small toy measures 5 x 3.7 cm and is better suited for smaller rats or ones who have a hard time pushing larger objects.

Our Average Review:

4.5 Out Of 5 Stars

Because this toy is in a circular shape, it rolls well. Your rat can push it along the ground and listen to the noise. It keeps him entertained and also keeps him on the move. Made of natural wood, this toy can be chewed on without negative consequences. While it won’t last forever, it can withstand some serious chewing.

If you’re looking for a rat toy to entertain your pet while you’re away, this one is an excellent choice. It keeps your rat active and entertained. And it can keep him out of trouble.

Rat Cotton Rope Net by Niteangel

The Niteangel Small Activity Toy is a climbing activity and entertainment center rolled into one. It’s a rope net. If you think it sounds simple, you’re right. The construction is simple, the installation is simple, and the use is simple. But the benefits are many. It provides the opportunity for entertainment, activity, and socialization all in one package.

Climbing activities are ideal boredom busters for rats. In addition to keeping them busy, they also provide a safe physical activity. Climbing is even good for your rat’s nails.

The manufacturer makes the net entirely from cotton rope, so there’s no material that can harm your rat. The strands are intertwined and are easy enough to climb. At 13.4x8.3, the net is large enough for multiple rats to climb at the same time.

Our Average Review:

4.5 Out Of 5 Stars

This cotton net connects to your rat’s cage with metal clips. The clips easily attach and detach, so you can add and remove the net whenever you want. To make the climb more challenging, you can attach two cargo nets together. Or, you can buy a rope bridge that connects the net to another feature in his cage. The options make it easy to provide new entertainment for your rat.

This toy has versatility. You can let it hang down from the top of the cage for a vertical climbing wall. But you can also hang it horizontally in a corner to make a shelf. The clips allow you to hang it how you want. That way, you can give your rat a chance to explore new things without buying new toys.

Medium Knot Nibbler by Kaytee

If your rat likes to chew, this toy is a must. This toy is a wooden knot made of nothing but wood and vegetable dyes. The dyes give it bright color that your rat might enjoy. And the design of the toy is complex. In fact, it does look like a wooden knot. There’s a lot for your rat to look at, and a lot for him to chew on. A small wooden ball in the center of the ball makes the toy even more appealing. It rattles around, giving rats a sound element to enjoy.

Our Average Review:

4.0 Out Of 5 Stars

This toy is large enough to withstand some serious chewing. At 4x4x3.25 inches, the Knot Nibbler should withstand weeks of tough play. And that’s not only good for your pet’s entertainment. It’s also good for his health. Chewing keeps his teeth healthy and strong. While chewing on the wrong things (like plastic shelters and strings) can be harmful, chewing on the right things (like wood) is a necessity. This toy lets your rat shift his attention from things that he’s not supposed to eat to something that he can eat. Instead of damaging his cage or his teeth, he’s doing something productive. And that’s always a good thing.

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