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10 Facts About Rats You Probably Wont Know

facts about rats you might not know

If like us you think you know a lot about rats then you should test yourself against these 10 facts about rats… We’ve got to admit, we only learned a few of these recently!

Rats are complex little creatures and for us rat fanatics, the more we know about them, the better.

Facts About Rats:

10. Rats Are One Of The Most Intelligent Pets.

Yes, we all know that rats are incredibly intelligent and very observant. But did you know that they are more intelligent than hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice and even rabbits?

9. Their Tails Can Be Pretty Hot.

No not in a gross way, sicko, what we mean to say is that rats don’t perspire (sweat), instead they use their tails for temperature regulation as well as balance.

8. A Group Of Rats Is Called A Mischief.

Quite often we hear people asking what a group of rats is called, to answer any of those inquisitive folk, a group of rats is called a mischief! Rightly so in our opinion!

7. Rats Out-Camel Camels.

Did you know that a rat can go longer than a camel without having a drink of water? We didn’t either, but that’s just one more awesome thing that make rats special.

6. Rats Have Bellybuttons.

They have teeny, tiny little belly buttons that you can’t always see because of their fur. You’re going to look as well aren’t you?

5. Rats Laugh.

Rats can laugh but we just can’t hear it. They laugh when tickled or when playing and happy… So when you’re looking for their little belly-button be careful not to tickle them too much!

4. Rats Have Been To Space!

Incredibly rats were one of the first mammals to go to space, which just goes to show that even NASA hold rats in high-esteem.

3. Rats Aren’t Lactose Intolerant!

Contrary to popular belief rats aren’t lactose intolerant at all, we found this one out when talking to Debbie Ducommun, a rat expert of over 30 years. So giving your rats cheese and other dairy products in sensible amounts is absolutely fine!

2. Rat’s Fart!

Rats can’t burp, but they can fart… This isn’t to say you can hear it, but they fart and rather a lot if you give them treats! For some reason this just makes them more cute doesn’t it?

1. A Rat Will Find Its Way Home.

Rats have fantastic memories, if they go exploring they’ll remember the route exactly, which means that if your rat gets out of the cage and you can’t find them it’s quite likely they’ll come back as soon as they’re hungry!


So there you have it, 10 facts about rats and if you knew them all then we give you an A+.

Let us know in the comments how many of these facts you knew. Also, if there’s any weird or surprising facts about rats that you think we won’t know then let us know them as well!

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