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RatCentral is your number one resource for tips, help, reviews and all other rat keeping information!

We're rat owners with over 10 years experience and we want to share and learn with beginners and experienced rat owners alike.

Our Rats:

Our agouti ren

Name: Ren

Sex: Male

Type: Brown-Agouti Dumbo

Ren is the alpha of our mischief. He's hyper-intelligent silly, dominant and always ready to have another treat!

our male stimpy

Name: Stimpy

Sex: Male

Type: Ruby-Eyed Husky

We got Stimpy at the same time as Ren, so they've always been close. Stimpy isn't as smart, but he's the pretty boy who always gets his own way eventually!

our oldest boy kylo

Name: Kylo

Sex: Male

Type: Black-Hooded Dumbo

We rescued Kylo from a friend in early 2016. He's not very friendly with other rats, but he's extremely loving with people and loves to be stroked until he boggles!

Name: Kreacher

Sex: Male

Type: Pink-Eyed Seal Point Double Rex

Name: Sirius

Sex: Male

Type: Black-Berkshire Dumbo

Whether you're looking for the best techniques on how to train your rat, or if you're simply looking for the best possible diets for your rat then you've come to the right place.

At RatCentral we're focused on only giving the best advice because our rats deserve the best care.

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