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Welcome to our rat health & nutrition section

In this section you will find our best and favorite articles on the subjects of health and nutrition for rats.

Health Guides:

A Guide to The Best Rat Treats Of 2017

This article is a comprehensive and up to date guide to the top treats for your rat this year!

8 Common Rat Illnesses To Look Out For

In this article we give you some information on the common rat illnesses to look out for.

10 Common Signs Of Illness In Rats

In this article we give you the common signs of illnesses in rats that you should know!

Should I Neuter My Male Rat?

In this post we discuss when the right time and circumstance warrants neutering male rats (bucks).

Nutrition Guides:

List Of Foods Not Suitable For Rats

In this post we outline some of the foods not suitable for rats, as well as foods never to feed rats.

11 Superfoods For Rats

We discuss the best superfoods to give to your rats that can keep them healthy and happy!

Can Rats Eat Grapes? Plus 25 More Foods Classified

In this article we discuss grapes, carrots and other foods, with an included infographic cheat sheet for quick reference.

More Nutrition Articles:

Safe & Tasty Treats For Rats You Can Buy Online

Can My Rats Eat Cheese?

Can Rats Eat Chocolate?

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