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Care & Well-Being

Welcome to our rat care & well-being section.

In this section you will find our guides and useful articles on rat care & well-being.

General Guides:

How To Introduce New Rats

In this article we give you the basics on how to introduce rats safely, efficiently and correctly.

Best Rat Hammock for 2018

Rats lost to relax as much as they love to be active. In this detailed review article, we cover all the bases of in terms of a hammock for your rat.

How To Clean A Rat Cage

In this article we give you a step-by-step method for cleaning your rats cage with the fewest harsh chemicals possible.

How To Buy A Rat

In this post we discuss some of the best ways to buy a rat, where to not buy rats from and what to watch out for.

Does My Pet Rat Cough, Sneeze, Rattle, Wheeze, or Hiccup?

Pet rats make different kinds of noise that may sound a bit weird sometimes. As a rats owner, it's critical for you to know the differences between those noises. That will help you understand how severe a problem is. 

In this post we give beginners a simple crash course in rat care, what you will need and resources for further reading.

How To Litter Train Your Rats

In this post we give you an easy step-by-step guide showing you how to litter train your rats easily!

Sexing Your Pet Rat

In this article we give beginners an easy method for sexing pet rats when they're not sure of their rats gender.

More Useful Rat Care Articles:

Plants Poisonous To Rats

Trust Training Rats

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